Troubling times are coming to America

2nd Tim. 3:1

But understand this, that in the last days, hard times will come………

Tonight the Lord laid upon my heart to share this dream that I had last week. In that dream my family I and were being held captive in this underground city. The city was surrounded by this fence and a large valley. While being held prisoner there we tried to escape at least several times but we were caught on each attempt.

So after our 3rd time of trying to ecsape they decided to make an example out of us, and by that I received an beating from these people. But it did not really matter because we were determined to run away again. In fact they were so tired of us that it finally came to an point the guards granted us our freedom. Then let us to this big door and told us to just leave. I remember looking at that door and was wondering is there something behind it. But I kept looking at that door with the mindset I was walk through it. Then dream cut off….. and I woke up.

Three things came from this dream:
– stubbornness
– do not let anything hold you back
-even when feel uneasy about things you have to walk by faith and not by sight

My advice to you is be to like Jesus and stand as He did in Matthew ch. 4…… when trouble came His way. For said, “man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Be like the apostles in acts ch 4 and 5 when they had to stand for him even in the threat of danger.

The Holy Spirit led me to share these things with you tonight and to let you know  for certainty that troubling times are coming to this nation. But  no matter what comes our way you and I have to be determined and stand for him in these last and evil days.



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